About Us

Professional and Expert Building service & cleaning company

JM service and contacting is well known company in

doha ,qatar. it has come a long way since its modest begining some years ago. it is now a well as the civil, electrical and mechanical project sector. utilising its capacities to hilt , the company offers an enormous range of products and caters to all the requirements of the construction industry , from villas to high rises and all kind of project. with strategic business link and technical partnership with leading system supplies from germany , italy turkey etc, JM service and contracting possesses the wherewithal technical know -how  and infrastructure capability to execute any challenging and time bound project we also have different kinds of manpower resources to support all kind of projects. we have a team workers under different technical categories, each of whom posse’s sufficient  credentials and skill set require to do a perfect fine jobs.

we work very closely with several manpower agencies in order to cater the increasing demands in the local market for quality  workplace. we have extensive  pool of manpower reserve from which human resource requirement can be steadily drawn in order to meet the demands pour client with different projects , whether it is civil, electrical&mechanical . we have successfully completed many different project till date which strictly the targeted schedules.

Our Core Values

we are promising emerging jm group contacting and cleaning service provider we deliver complete building service

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Our Mission

To provide our clients  with a complete solution for all kind of construction work whilst maintaining superior quality , safety work environment enhance and competitive pricing

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider to top quality construction solution.our successs is through partnering with our client to help them achieve greater efficiency at a  reduced cost. our measure of growth is our customer, whose expectation we constantly aim to exceed . we are a company where people are asset and they share our success.