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  • construction 


General Building & Construction

Painting & Decorating




Windows & Doors

Stone Masonary


Out House Construction & Repair

Kitchen & Bathroom Installation

Fences & Perimeter Walls



  • cleaning services
  1. Steam Cleaning and Sanitization
  2. Disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens etc.
  3. Grout Steam Cleaning
  4. Grease Removal in ovens
  5. Balcony Cleaning
  6. Pressure Washing of patio and paved areas (for villas)
  7. Marble Polishing
  8. Wooden Floor Buffing
  9. Machine Scrubbing of all flooring
  10. Steam and Disinfect all floors.
  11. Thorough cleaning of cabinets (inside and outside)
  12. Thorough dusting and vacuuming of entire apartment.
  13.  Dust Window sills and Baseboards
  14. AC ventilation dusting and washing
  15. Walls and Ceiling Cleaning
  16. Internal & External Window Cleaning
  17. Balcony Cleaning